I’m Dr Alex Antic, a data and analytics executive and professional with 17+ years of experience, trained in mathematics and computer science, with a PhD in Applied Mathematics.

I’m experienced in delivering innovative, successful and sustainable projects in government, industry and startups (including sports analytics), that leverage data and Machine Learning/Deep Learning capabilities to deliver actionable insights, and help make better decisions.

I enjoy collaborating with organisations to turn problems into technical solutions, that meet strategic goals, by developing and managing high-performance teams.

I’m passionate about teaching and sharing my experience and knowledge in areas that include Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics, Statistics and Quantitative Analysis, developed across multiple domains: Federal and State Government, Asset Management (Hedge Funds), Insurance and Banking (Investment and Retail).

I develop and deliver bespoke technical and executive training, to help organisations strategically leverage the value of data and analytics for decision making.

I run local Meetups in the areas of Data Science, R programming and Analytics Leadership & Management. My aims are to educate, mentor, inspire and spur discussion and collaboration.

I’ve been featured on various podcasts, blogs and publications, including Data Futurology, The Curious Quant, Super Data Science, The Analytics Show and Public Spectrum, and regularly deliver keynote presentations at conferences and industry events.

I’ve been recognised as one of the Top 10 Analytics Leaders in Australia by IAPA (Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia).

How can I help you or your organisation?

Please email: alex at impartiallyderivative dot com