I’m an experienced keynote speaker and workshop facilitator.

Selected examples of the variety of conference and industry engagements I’ve presented include:

  • Cloud Data Summit
  • Advancing Data Analytics Conference
  • Australian Security Summit
  • Public Sector Data & Analytics Series
  • Data Science & AI Association of Australia
  • Data Science Canberra Meetup
  • Canberra R Users Group Meetup
  • Egmont Group
  • Represented the Australian government to various international delegations
  • Australian Intelligence and Law Enforcement community
  • Various Data Science, Analytics & AI Thought Leadership events
  • Various government and industry Round Tables, Community of Practice Forums, and similar events

I also develop and deliver Technical and Executive training, in a broad range of Analytics/Data Science/AI areas, including:

  • Data Literacy
  • AI Ethics/Fairness/Bias
  • Explainable/Interpretable AI
  • Strategic Advisory
  • Data Science for senior executives
  • Building sustainable and scalable Data Science capabilities
  • Developing a successful Data Science career
  • Technical Data Science training, including:
    • R & Python coding
    • Machine Learning
    • Confidential Computing (including privacy-preserving data matching and ML)
    • NLP
    • Graph Analytics.

Please contact me to discuss any speaking engagement opportunities.