“Alex gave a very good summary of how to use data analytics, with emphasis on strategic goals and measurable outcomes, culture building, and effective communication and collaboration between data analytics personnel and business partners”

“Alex is a standout keynote speaker in terms of relevance, using plain English for the audience, with an ability to engage the audience. I was completely absorbed!”

“I appreciate Alex’s insights on some opportunities that we may be overlooking within our organisation”

“Really interesting keynote, I’m looking into more of Alex’s work”

“The simplicity of Alex’s explanations was very much appreciated by non-tech people”

“Alex made a rather technical subject very engaging and interesting”

“Alex’s presentation should have been recorded and broadcast to the whole organisation!”

“Alex’s presentation was fantastic!”

“I enjoyed hearing from Alex about what a Data Scientist actually does, and the process of getting data to the point of analysis”

“Alex’s real world experience made his presentation interesting!”

“Best workshop I’ve been to. Alex tailored it to what participants were interested in, and shared his experiences and thoughts on Data Science which was a highlight”

Great presentation on Advanced Analytics & Data Science. Alex is a great speaker!”

“I think that Alex is a great teacher. This comes through with his presentation style”

“I appreciated Alex’s talk, and him sharing his wealth of experience and technical knowledge”

“Alex’s presentation was pitched very well. He detailed various aspects on how to develop machine learning capabilities in an organisation, which was of great interest”

“It’s obvious that Alex is very experienced, with extensive industry experience”

“Alex is very experienced in industry on this topic”

“Alex’s speaking was clear and easy to understand”

“Alex’s real-world experience made it interesting”

“Alex is surprisingly funny for a Data Scientist :-)”